Adults that articipate in regular, sustained physical activity for at least 30 minutes 5 times a week
Percentage of water in adult body
Young people aged 12-21 that are not vigorously active on a regular basis
Men that consider themselves to be physically fit



Thanks for the amazing fitness advice – 6 months later and 12 kilos down I have John and Steve to thank for their amazing fitness programs!
James Thompson
Fantastic fitness programs and always push to keep you on focussed and on track
Victoria S.
I have trained with Steve (Konti) for the last 12 months and he has drastically changed the way I view exercising and diet and demonstrated first-hand the benefits and results of weight training and cardio.
Eric Wong
Another huge thank you, his time to Steven Konti Kontowicz at Achieve Fitness for donating a 10 week bootcamp voucher to be raffled to raise funds for 224 Army Cadet Unit’s tour of the Western Front Battlefield in April 2015.
Cathy C.
Lost another 100 grams of fat BUT gained 500 grams of muscle….damn youSteven Konti Kontowicz and Achieve Fitness…. you are right AGAIN!!! hee! Lucky I gained something in the right place out of all my hard work!…hee!
Jacqui B.




We at Achieve Fitness come with years of experience in a range of fields from the gym to out on the sporting parks. Achieve makes training fun and implements different training techniques but at the same time strive for the best results.

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