Ab Workout
Having trouble getting those abdominals sore the next day? A strong core is vital for your general health and well being. Perform this ab workout and you will definitely feel the effects the next day. Perform each exercise and then rest for 30 seconds before starting again. Aim for 6 rounds or fail: Beginners: 10
Resistance Band Training
Training with resistance bands can work two ways – it can assist you in performing more reps and it can make the reps harder. Resistance bands will help improve that extra power needed for targeting muscles or that extra difficulty.
Clap push ups
The clap push up is a strong,explosive movement requiring both strength and coordination. Combining clap push ups with a mini trampoline can assist in improving strength required for the full movement.
Rowing Fitness Challenge
Select one of the fitness challenge rowing distances below that you can complete in under 1 minute. Repeat for 10 sets continually. Your rest period is determined by the time left after completing each set. Once you cannot complete the distance within the minute mark the workout is complete. Next time try beat your finishing


We at Achieve Fitness come with years of experience in a range of fields from the gym to out on the sporting parks. Achieve makes training fun and implements different training techniques but at the same time strive for the best results.

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